Your first appointment in Fizjopark you can book via phone, our contact form on the website, or directly in the clinic. 

The first meeting with us has the form of a thorough assessment.
Be ready for a real cross-examination - we want to know EVERYTHING about your problem. Thanks to it - together we can create a treatment plan, individually tailored to you. You can be confident, that we will choose the most optimal and effective forms of therapy.

We will also explain, where could be the main source of the situation you got into. Then we will look for initial self-management strategies for you. (Yes! You are responsible for the outcomes of treatment process, too!!!)

To make the first visit fluent, comfortable and complete, please, take with you the following things: 

  • scans, test's results connected with your main problem (eg. X-Rays, MRI etc.) - if you have any;
  • if you have been operated on, remember about the description of your whole hospital treatment;
  • does your leading doctor have any suggestions, recommendations concerning the treatment plan? - if so, ask him/her to write about it;
  • bring also a comfortable outfit with you, which will not restrict your movements and will enable an easy access to involved body part (e.g. for treatment of the knee - simply wear shorts);
  • ...and a towel, too :)