You did not found our website without a reason. We guess you have a physical problem, which you would like to resolve.

You are looking for help.

Smile, we have a good news for you: You just found it :)


Our physiotherapists have amazing knowledge, vast experience and exceptional skills, to help you get rid of your pain, to come back to better health, or to simply make you feel better.


We find ourselves experts in what we do for you. You can be sure of our individual and comprehensive approach.

Our passion is to understand, how does the human body work, why sometimes something goes "wrong" and how we can prevent it or solve the problem, if already appeared...
And our most important tool is open, clear communication. Simple as that.

We want you to fully understand, what is the main cause of your problem and what you need, to get rid of it. We will explain  it in 'plain english'. Life is complicated enough, to try to impress you with long exotic medical terms.They are only to frighten you. And you are not to be scared. You have to act!

That is why we will quickly give you all the necessary strategies and support, so that you are able to manage your health in the right way.
We simply believe, that preventing is better than the best treatment.

Wa also do not want you keep coming back to us till the end of the world! Give the others chance to find out, how good we are ;)